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This isn't really my résumé. Or CV for that matter. A lot of people don't know the difference between a curriculum vitae and a résumé, but I won't press the point. I don't want to post my CV for the general public, they don't need to know that useless stuff. Also, I'm secure here in my job (I think), liking what I do, and don't need to advertise to the world that I'm ready to jump ship at any point.

Instead, it's a test to see if Google will index it. I am constantly amazed that a certain other "Charles Leggett" is now getting his "résumé page" as the #1 link for a google search of "Charles Leggett". It should be obvious to any enlightened visitor that when searching for the name " Charles Leggett", this is where you want to end up.

I really have come down in the world. I used to own the first hundred pages of google. I'm still the person that comes up the most, but what really pisses me off, is how irrelevant the links are. I mean, who really cares about my Savannah profile at CERN - that's a bug reporting system. Or a talk that I gave on the Interval of Validity Service. Or for the love of god, when I tried to replace the brake calipers on an old Peugeot 405. The car's long gone, and you can't even find parts for it any more! You would think that the portal to my whole site would be far more relevant! I guess the real problem is that my portal is too clean - there's really nothing there to index. I need more words! But you would think that searching for "homepage charles leggett" would get you there, but noooooooo. It's perplexing, because I still get upwards of 2000 hits a day on my site. Sometimes more when my server, which is currently running a particularly unstable version of 64 bit debian flavoured linux, is actually up and running

Where else would you find detailed info about benchmarking GCC compiler performance? Or Atlas release notes for Gaudi builds? Or lots and lots of detailed information (with many pretty pictures) about rock climbing in the California Sierras and a few other places to boot. Heck, I've been accosted by strangers thousands of miles away who recognise me, or sometimes just my helmet.

So I wonder what relevant key words I should place in here to make google find this page extra tasty? How about:

Ok, I'll leave it at that for now, and see what happens.

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